The founders of Kehlayli

The Founders

Kehlayi was founded by Keli and Hayley… HA! Hence the name Kehlayi : )

This brand encompasses BEAUTY, BODY AND SOUL!  We want to focus on women empowerment and teaching others how to THRIVE in every aspect of their lives.  We will be posting weekly tips on what we are up to.  Please leave comments or suggestions if you would like us to elaborate on anything.

A little bit about ourselves:

We are two young women who have been working together for 5 years in the aesthetic industry.  As  medical professionals, our goal is to help people not only look their best, but also feel their best from the inside out.  We have been growing a Regenerative Medicine clinic for about 2 years now and love  every aspect of it.  Looking and feeling your best doesn’t have to be expensive.  We have many lifestyle tips that will help improve your health and overall confidence!

We hope you love our blog as much as we do!

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