Can you get rid of cellulite?

Working in the beauty industry and struggling with cellulite myself, I have some amazing tips and tricks that I know can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite affects  80-90% of women. I see cellulite on thin women and thicker women. Many people believe that the main cellulite causing factor is fat. We are under the impression that if we loose a bunch of weight our cellulite will magically disappear! Well if you have tried this, you have learned that loosing weight does not do the trick. Cellulite is a issue with the connective tissue, an abundance of adipose fat, as well as a lack of muscle tone. There are couple of tips and tricks I have to help reduce cellulite.

The “CURE” for cellulite

As a disclaimer: Cellulite is extremely hard to treat. I have worked with the best lasers and surgical techniques and I will tell you that is reduces the appearance but does NOT get rid of cellulite completely! If anyone or any product is promising that it will cure your cellulite, I suggest you save your money and run the other way!

Can reduction in fat help my cellulite?

Step 1: Reducing Fat

If you have stubborn fat that has accumulated in the area of concern then this should be your first step in reducing your cellulite! You must loose some fat! We can not spot reduce but we can improve areas by building muscle in specific areas and we will discuss this later on in the article. I think of fat as having two different locks.  These locks are called receptors, alpha-2 receptors and beta-2 receptors. Alpha-2 receptors are known as the “bad” receptors due to the fact that they hinder fat burning. Beta-2 receptors accelerate fat burning. The more beta-2 receptors the easier it is to burn fat and vice versa the more alpha-2 receptors the harder it is to burn fat. Trouble spots have much higher alpha-2 receptors making that area challenging to slim down. For women carrying more weight in the lower region, this is known to be healthy and normal, but also plays a negative role in the accumulation of cellulite in the thigh and buttocks regions. Both locks “alpha-2 receptors and beta-2 receptors” have the same key. This key is called catecholamines, which is norepinephrine and epinephrine “fight or flight” hormones. Your body creates more epinephrine and norepinephrine with high intensity workouts. My favorite high intensity workouts are called HIIT “High Intense Interval Training”. The key in burning fat in stubborn areas is inhibiting alpha-2 receptors and engaging beta-2 receptors.

How do we do this? We want to lower insulin levels as well as increase catecholamines. We want to have low insulin levels, this inhibits alpha 2 receptors. The best and easiest way to do this is intermitting fasting. Intermitting fasting can be done is many ways, but my favorite way is going 16 hours with out eating. A typical day looks like; 12:00pm: I break my fast with my first meal. Usually I will have a salad with chicken. Then from 12:00pm-8:00pm Im usually grazing through out the day. I normally will not have a big dinner due to the fact that i’m eating through out the day. I do not focus so much on calories but more on the quality of the food that I’m eating and listening to my body when I’m hungry and when I’m full. I stop all food consumption at 8:00pm and I do not eat until 12:00pm the next day. Once we have low insulin levels we want to create more catecholamines and we do this by High Intensity Interval Training. I will HIIT 3-4 days a week and I will also do 2 days of hot yoga.

To summarize this section, lower insulin levels and High Intensity Training will allow you to create more catecholamines and inhibits alpha-2 receptors. Catecholamines are the key to beta-2 receptors and alpha-2 receptors but due to the low insulin levels we have inhibited alpha-2 receptors, in doing so only beta-2 receptors are being used which allow us to burn fat! Below is a book that explains intermitting fasting in more detail.

//, water is the key to weight loss and reducing cellulite. I can not stress how important your water intake is! I drink half my body weight in fluid oz daily and you should too! I also will do a 2 day fast through out the month. Fasting has amazing benefits that I truly believe in. Fasting has been proven to regulate insulin levels, increase human growth hormone, increasing cellular repair and getting rid of waste, the most important is gene expression. Fasting can have beneficial changes in genes that are relative to longevity and protection against diseases. During my 2 day fast i’m drinking tons of water!! You should be peeing clear all day. I notice huge changes in my skin and cellulite when I fast. I suggest trying it:) It just may change your life!

My favorite product for fast is from Isagenix. The cleanse is called cleanse for life and I love love love the powder formulation. Not only do I think the powder taste the best but it also is easy to travel with.

Increasing Circulation improves cellulite

Step 2: Fascia Release and Circulation

If you have been trying to reduce your cellulite you probably have come across many articles that are talking about connective tissue like collagen and elastin bands. These bands play a major role in cellulite and this issue falls under the genetic realm, but can be improved. When these bands do no have a lot of stretch and are pulled tight, fat pockets start to push out causing lumps and bumps. When my patients are having connective tissue issue I can tell by the finger print appearance in their cellulite. To help release these bands and also for more flexibility I use the Fascia Blaster by Ashlee Black. I do not have any affiliation with Ashlee Black but I do believe in her product. The fascia blaster helps by massaging these bands and improving circulation. Usually areas of the body that have cellulite usually have low circulation as well.  Unhealthy fascia plays a huge role in cellulite. I like Ashlee Blacks explanation about cellulite and fascia. She says “think of fascia as a sausage casing. The sausage itself has no shape by itself but gains shape when put in the sausage casing. This is the same concept about your fascia. If your fascia is smooth then your body looks smooths and if your fascia is not smooth then you will look lumpy.” Not only does the fascia blaster massages out the fascia but it also brings blood supply to that area and improves the circulation. I great way to improve cellulite and improve circulation is hot yoga. Hot yoga has made a huge difference in my cellulite as well as my mental clarity. If you have never tried hot yoga, I highly recommend that you do!

Here is Ashlee Blacks website: 

Can lean muscle mass improve cellulite?

Step 3: Building Muscle

The last and final step in the cellulite reducing equation is building lean muscle tone. If you build muscle in the areas that you are having problems with it will reduce the pulling of those connective bands. How does that happen? Think about your body as having 3 key layers for cellulite. The dermis will be the 1st layer. This is where those collagen and elastin bands connect to the skin causing the pulling and puckering of the skin. The second layer is the adipose fat layer, the bands also are running through this layer as well. When you have excess adipose and tight bands then you will have cellulite. The third layer is the muscle layer. When you increase the size of the underlying muscle it pushes upward causing less of a stretch for those bands. This reduces the puckering effect of the skin. When using all 3 steps I have outlined magical things start to happen! You will start feeling more comfortable with wearing shorts and swim suites!  Lunges and squats are great for the buttocks and thighs.I also have some targeted moves I use so look for my upcoming video on these!

I hope this article has helped you create a game plan to improve those problem areas. Cellulite sucks and many if us struggle with it. These steps will improve those areas and I hope it helps change your life:)
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