Have you tried Rodan and Fields?

Rodan and Fields Skin Care & Lash Boost

As professionals in the Beauty Industry we can not stress enough the importance of an effective home care regimen. Many of our patient come in and spend thousands of dollars on skin tightening treatments, filler and botox. Our first questions to a new patient is “what do you use for skin care?”. Keli and I are shocked every time a patient sits there and tells us they are using some over the counter product that is loaded with crap and has little to none of the effective ingredients the fancy packaging says it has.

Do you use Botox or Filler? How about Skin Tightening Lasers?

Its like buying a car. You buy insurance to protect the beautiful new vehicle. The same goes for home care. You need to PROTECT your INVESTMENT. Your investment is your face! Do not spend thousands of dollars on treatments and then use crap on your face!!!! You and your face will thank us for the tough love.

We get it…. professional skin care can be expensive. A serum alone could cost you anywhere from 100-200 dollars. Thats why I started researching other options. I found the Muti Med approach that was created by two dermatologist Kathy Fields and Katie Rodan. They both run their own private practice and both doctors are booked out for 2 years! Not only were we blown away by how far their schedules are booked out, but also that they only sell Rodan and Fields to their patients. After learning this we were intrigued!  On the website the doctors state that they use a Multi Med Approach. The Muli Med approach uses the correct medications in the right formulations in the correct order.

Do you have lash extensions or want long fuller lashes?

The first product that we tried from the Rodan and Fields line was Lash Boost. Lash Boost has a unique proprietary formula that improves the appearance of lash volume and length for lashes. Within 1 week of using the serum we started noticing that our lashes were getting longer, by the third week we were being asked if we had lash extensions and by the 6th week we were thinking that we may need to trim them! We were so impressed that we knew that Rodan and Fields was a product line that our patients would love!

Keli’s Lashes after using the product for 4 weeks!!!!

How to get rid of fine lines and winkles?

I then tried a face regimen. For under $200 dollars I purchased the Redefine system. The system has 4 products that you use. You get a face wash, a Pore minimizing toner, AM moisturizer and a PM moisturizer. My face started changing within 3 weeks of using the product. The tone is much more even and the texture is smooth. I really do not have fine lines and winkles so my before and after is not shocking like some others but for me I was impressed.

We now only sell Rodan and Fields to our patients because it works. The price point is affordable and allows us to manage compliance with our patients. If you are in the Seattle area and have skin concerns or want big beautiful lashes. We would love to help. Please email us at Kehlayli@gmail.com

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