Bow to Down to Great Brows!


Bow down to great brows!!

You wake up in a panic because you just slept through you alarm and your now running around like a crazy person trying to get dressed. You also need to grab your make up and get ready on your drive! You have your self some what together as you walk through the doors to your job and everyone is starring at you. Your thinking “do I have toothpaste on my face? Why does noisy Nancy keep smirking at me?” You smile at all your colleges as you make your way to the bathroom. Then you see it. What everyone has been starring at… You only drew in ONE eyebrow… Just one!

Sound familiar… for me it wasn’t that I usually forgot to draw both but more along the lines that in a panic situation they were never even or I just didn’t have the time to do them at all! I then stumbled on the holy grail of  “I woke up like this” . That magical finding was Microblading!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a Semipermanent Tattoo that looks like actually hair. The Microblading artist can customize your brow shape and your brow color. Its a two step process. You will have two treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart. The first treatment is where you and your brow artist will agree on the size, shape and color. The first treatment then takes place. The brows will be numbed with a numbing cream. Our clinic uses a custom compounded BLT cream that is the strongest numbing cream you can get. Not every Brow Technician has this because it is Prescription Strength. Then the brows will be wiped with an Antiseptic solution and the treatment begins. I always tell my clients that the treatment is not painless but it should be tolerable. You will go home with a barrier cream that will need to be applied to the brows a couple times a day for about a 7 day duration.

What does the healing process look like after Microblading?

During the healing process your brows will get darker and then they will create a scab. The scab does not look like a typically scab it looks more like you have dry skin. The barrier cream helps diminish this appearance. The scab starts falling off around day 4-7. The brows will look more natural once the scab falls off and the color will be a little lighter as well.
The second treatment is where you will fine tune the brows. Sometimes a clients wants them to be a little thicker, which is easily can be done. Also, some of the tattoo strokes the pigment may not have stayed as well as it did in other areas. So filling in these areas is also what the second treatment is needed for.  The same healing process takes place after the second treatment than it did the first treatment.

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