Crystal Facials that will change your skin!

Crystals that will make you look and feel younger!

Since the rise of Harry Potter and the Hallmark Channel hit the Good Witch, the era of new age has been hitting a new high!! People are intrigued by all this sorcery and magic! It’s no wonder that these new interests are popping up in facial rooms around the world. We all are looking for that “magic potion” that will keep us young forever!

Crystals have not been scientifically tested for many of the benefits experts say that these stones help with, non the less people have been buying these crystals for years and recently an aestheticiam from New York, Negin Niknejad, has been gaining a lot of buzz for her crystal facial treatments. She also owns her own skin care line called JustBe Skin Line where she can customize products for her customers skin care needs. She uses all natural ingredients in her products and uses crystals in her packaging to help aid in positive energy. You should go check her out!

If your like me, than your willing to try anything at least once that will not break the bank! So here are my top 5 crystals that you can use with your home skin care to aid with healthy glowing skin! I also have crystal that you can purchase at the end of this post so you can starting benefiting from the renewing abilities at home! They are affordable, beautiful and fun to use when cleansing and moisturizing!

These are my top 5 crystals to turn back hand hand of time!

1. Tourmaline- is known to be a strong grounding stone. It helps keep negative energy away! It encourages positivity and happiness. Not only will this stone help you mentally, it will also help with your skins circulation and help with water retention. When used in a facial or at home it will help lift and tighten the skin. Get this done right before an event to look refreshed and vibrant! Khloe Kardashian has said in a recent interview that her facialist had created a tourmaline roller for her skin and she swears it lifts and tightens.
2. Rose Quarts- this stone is known for its ability for helping us with self love. It can help with self confidence. It carries a feminine energy and is known as the stone of the heart. It has s calming effect on the skin. Individuals with sensitive skin and rosacea can benefit from the calming nature that this stone has on the skin. It’s also on of my favorite stones!

3. Amethyst- this stone is known for its beauty. This stone is often worn by healers do to its healing abilities. It helps facilitate energy and when it comes to the skin energy is used in many different modalities to help generate collagen and elastin. This stone can help with your skins healing ability and cell turnover.

4. Ruby- is a great stone to help re energize your body and spirit. This is stone is known to be connected to our heart center. It helps with creating positive energy. When some one is feeling happy and positive it shows up in the overall glow of the skin. Has anyone ever said to you that “you look like your glowing?” Usually when we “Glow” its because things in life feel balanced and we are in a happy place. All stones help guide us towards a more positive environment and Ruby is a great stone to start with. It also has been said to help with circulation and blood flow. Our skin needs great circulation to stay healthy and vibrant!

5. Selenite- This stone was named after the Greek goddess Selene. She was the goddess of the moon! This stone is widely used for its calming abilities on the mind and gives the user mental clarity. This stone is the ultimate cleansing crystal. It is thought to help with people who have eczema,psoriasis and acne.

Crystals to use at home with you skin care products ↓

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