Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic Lashes for the win!

When ever I have an event to attend or a holiday party I always want to dress my eyes up with bigger lashes. I will admit that I’m not the best at applying fake lashes. The glue seems to get everywhere! I finally have found a solution for my glue mishaps! Magnetic Fake Lashes!!!

Magnetic Fake Lashes are great for everyday use or special events!

When my lashes first arrived in the mail I was a little skeptical on how they will look and feel. I watched a couple youtube videos on the best way to apply them. One of my favorite youtube stars BrittanyNicole, does a product review on One Two Magnetic lashes and its very helpful to see how to apply them and her opinion on Magnetic Lashes.

Tips on how to apply Magnetic Lashes.

1. For me the application was a bit difficult at first. My first tip is do not use tweezers. Tweezers are metal and so the magnets get stuck to the tweezers. It took me awhile to figure that out! Stupid I know!
2. Make sure to apply your mascara first to your natural lashes before applying. This will ensure that you magnetic lashes will last longer and your lashes with blend better with the synthetic fibers.
3. Try and get the lashes as close to the lash line as possible. Try looking down when apply the bottom lash. You sandwhich your natural lashes in between two magnetic lashes.
4. When taking off the magnetic lashes do not pull them off directly. If you do, you risk the chances of pulling out your own lashes. Try rubbing the magnetic lashes in between your fingers to unlock the magnets from one another and then pull off.

Where to buy your magnetic lashes.

One Two lashes have great reviews but are very expensive. One Two lashes run around $70 dollars. I have found some great lashes on amazon that have great reviews and work great. I ordered two sets of Vassoul Magnetic lashes and all together they cost $24.  I encourage trying these lashes first before spending a lot of money on lashes. They felt heavy at first, but glue on lashes feel the same for me. You will adjust to how they feel. They look great and you will love them!!

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  1. I haven’t had much success with these. I saw a special on Groupon and ordered them, but they came defective. I will have to try amazon! I’d really like to try them. Thanks for the info!

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