How to survive a LONG commute!


Do you have a long morning commute to work?  I drive 5 hours a day too and from work, thats around 25 hours a week! Why you may ask? Well the Seattle/Bellevue home prices are so over inflated that I would never be able to own a home. Also, I enjoy the smaller town feel, so living in Olympia WA gives me that.

When I first started this commute 3 years ago I was overly stressed and hating life. Over the years I came up with ways that have made my commute enjoyable and I often look forward to it. I have 5 tips to help you get through that morning commute and to help tackle your day!

My 5 tips to help you enjoy a long work commute

  1. I highly suggest that you become an Audible member! This is my number one tip! Audible was bought by Amazon and is a platform for Audible books to listen too on your drive. They have all the Bestsellers and the readers performing the books are amazing. My membership consist of paying $14.95 a month and that gets me 1 book per month, 30 % off any additional book for the month, Amazon some times sends me FREE credits and you can send and receive books to friends “I think its a one time thing”. Another thing that I love is that if you do not love the book you bought, you can send it back for a full refund! I use audible to help entertain me but it also keeps me OFF my phone during my drive. It keeps me safe and other drivers safe around me. Click for more information Audible Membership
  2.  Tip number two is stop for your morning cup of joe! I’m sure many people who are wanting to save money would disagree with this but for me its worth it. Stopping and getting my coffee gives me a little break from my drive and it also gets me pumped up for my day. I am more productive at work when I stop for my coffee and I enjoy my drive way more! I always stop at Starbucks because I love the consistency of my morning coffee and I have found a way to get my drink as cheap as possible:) My go too order is “iced dopio espresso in a grande cup, with 1 pump pumpkin and 1 pump vanilla, with an 1 inch of cream”. This cost me around $2.60-$3.40 depending on who is ringing me up:)
  3. Pack your lunch the night before and back some healthy snacks for your drive too and from work. I can not stress this enough. When I do not properly plan and prep for my day I most often will make poor food choices by stopping by a fast food restaurant on my way home. If I do not have some healthy snacks I will stop and ruin my diet for the day or even the week. Usually 1 meal at a fast food restaurant is around 600-1500 calories and is loaded with simple carbohydrates, sodium and fat. My favorite go too healthy snacks are almonds, Turkey Lunch Meat slices and a large bottled water.
  4. Find a morning radio talk show. I love kiss 106.1 with Bender and Molly. They are hilarious and they keep me entertained on my morning commute. Another suggestion is looking into Sirus radio. They have thousands of different stations for music and talk shows and is a great way to keep you entertained on your drive! I would suggest to not listen to the news. I found that listening to world events in the morning just set me up to feel sad and depressed before work.  I do think its important to know whats going on around us but it comes to a point that all the negativity will and does effect us on a everyday basis. So just limit how often you are watching /listening to the News:)
  5.  Get in the right mind set! There is no doubt in my mind that “what and how we think shapes our reality.” The way you think can set you up to have an amazing day or a horrible day. The patterns in how we think are like a muscle and need to be trained. If you find yourself always complaining about your drive, my guess is your probably unhappy all around. We some times can not change our current reality but we can change the way we think about it! When I have a bad week its usually is because I’m having a pitty party for myself and my internal dialogue is negative. I’m not saying that its not ok to complain once in awhile but try and not make it an everyday thing. When I start thinking positively like “I cant wait to see what happens in my book” or “I can wait to stop for my coffee” my day usually starts out great and ends great!

I hope this post has helped my morning commuting warriors. Long commutes do suck but they do not need to ruin our lives:) Happy Driving everyone!

Also remember to not Text and Drive.

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