24K Gold Face Mask!!


Kehlayli to launch their 24k Face Mask and 24k Charcoal Gold Face Mask in February 2018!


We are so happy that our face mask has hit production and will be launched in February 2018!!! We will be selling this product on Amazon and our own website. We decided on having amazon be our main selling platform for a couple of reasons. Amazon has thousands of shoppers visiting their website daily and we want to provide our product to as many individuals as possible. Also, if you are a prime customer you will be eligible for free shipping! We also know how powerful reviews can be and Amazon has utilized this on their platform. We want our customers to have a seamless experience and Amazon has proven time after time that they have the customer experience down to a science.

Our 24K Gold Face Mask and 24K Charcoal Gold Face Mask has powerful ingredients that will help sooth, hydrate and generate collagen and elastin for younger healthier skin! Loaded with powerful active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to revive and regenerate the skin!

We have worked with many professional lines that cost hundreds of dollars for a tiny amount of product. We also have tried many products that are not professional products and  we were finding that the main active ingredients were close to the last ingredient on the label.

Why two different face mask’s?

Our 24k Gold Face mask is best suited for dry/combination skin. This mask is loaded with hydrating ingredients and ingredients that speed up cell turnover giving the skin a younger appearance.

The 24k Gold Charcoal Face Mask is best suited for Acne prone/oily skin. You will receive many of the benefits that the 24k Gold Mask offers but the charcoal will draw out oil, dirt and other substances that are clogging pores!

Why the Ingredient Label Matters?

The Ingredient label tells you everything you need to know about the product. The ingredient list is listed in descending order starting with the largest amount to the least amount of ingredients in the product. We have found many products selling as a “Gold mask” has gold listed as the very last ingredient!!

In both our masks “24k Gold Mask and 24k Charcoal Gold Mask” Gold is listed as the second ingredient! Active ingredients are what will change your skin and they need to make up the majority of the product.

How and when can I purchase?

Be on the look out on our social media for the release day!



We will be updating this blog post with a purchase link once it is available!

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